Hydrogen to Low Carbon Methanol

Developing Canada's first large-scale hydrogen to low carbon methanol project

The future is hydrogen and low carbon for sustainable energy and environment

Advanced Chemical Technologies Inc. (AChT) is on the leading edge of the transition to an integrated low carbon hydrogen economy. AChT is commercializing a world-class proprietary Canadian innovation in low carbon methanol production that utilizes clean hydrogen and industrial CO2 emissions to reduce carbon intensity. Methanol has the highest hydrogen to carbon ratio and is a ubiquitous base chemical that can be used as a low carbon energy source or feedstock for derivative products.

Production Targets for Large Scale Plant

AChT has developed a world leading clean industry infrastructure project that delivers major environmental and economic impacts as a key process in the transition from fossil fuel to hydrogen-based product(s).

Hydrogen Enhanced Methanol Production

663 MW of flexible electrolysis load producing hydrogen from clean, off-peak electricity

Hydrogen Enabled CO2 Utilization and Reduction

426,022 tonnes of annual net industrial CO2 emissions utilization
777,016 tonnes of CO2 emissions reduction compared to a conventional methanol plant

5000 metric tonnes per day / 1.75 million tonnes of low carbon methanol production capacity

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